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tradition and innovation


reads” the briar: he can recognize its peculiarities, the stage of maturing, the kind of grain. Each block defines a specific shape, the perfect one according to the wood natural design. Cristian designs the shapes, he deals with drilling, flocking and modeling the pipes. The artistic attitude and the manual skill’s talent meet the strong technical knowledge acquired previously in the mechanical field. For him, who loves vintage since he was a child, carving pipes is first of all a great passion!


designs the models, refines lines and details, choose colors and finishes the pipes. She is also the commercial and administrative referent of the company. Following her passion for design, marketing and new technologies, first and above all, Cinzia looks at Regina Scarlatta as an innovation project: how to use her skills, already developed in different fields, into a traditional sector?


borns from the contamination between different but complementary souls: ancient and modern, tradition and innovation … a feminine touch in a historically male universe. In our small workshop in Pesaro, we carve smoking pipes since 2011. It’s a small and well cared production. We like to take care of every detail, large numbers are not good for us. Thanks to the pipes, during the last years, we have traveled all over the world. Now Regina Scarlatta is known and appreciated in all the most important international trade fairs in the sector, with dealers located in Europe, Russia, America, Asia.